Megavenues – Find Event Venues in India

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Every experienced planner is well aware that picking up the right venue and location can decide on the success of an event. Site selection is one of the most difficult parts of an event planning process, since even a small mistake can create major setbacks for attendees. Researching meeting destinations and negotiating with venues can be a time-consuming process. is a marketplace for event venues that allows venue owners to list their properties including banquet halls, meeting & conference rooms, open air venues, wedding and reception venues, art galleries etc. It also enables users to search and connect to the venues instantly. They have got services in 8 major cities in India including Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Goa.

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Catalyzing SMB growth beyond 2013

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India is among the top three fastest growing Internet markets in the world as stated by industry body Assocham and ComScore. “Among the BRIC nations, India has been the fastest growing market adding over 18 million Internet users and growing at an annual rate of 41 per cent.”

The report further suggests that internet users in India are expected to touch 350-450 million by 2015-16 and this will act as a catalyst in the growth of SMBs.

There are some major advantages that work for Small Scale enterprises:

  • They can respond to the market needs and wants easily.
  • Small business entrepreneurs can establish personal relationships with their customers which results in greater accountability and maturity.
  • Independence is another advantage of owning a small business.
  • Small business owners have the satisfaction of making their own decisions within the constraints imposed by economic and other environmental factors.

However, entrepreneurs have to work for very long hours and understand that ultimately their customers are their bosses.

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The unified file-browser for Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive – Octonius

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If you consider yourself a power-user of Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive, you may wish to check out Octonius, which recently officially launched in the App Store.

In a nutshell, Octonius lets you search all your content on Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive, and organize, track and share all your files easily.

How it works

First up, you’ll need to create an Octonius account and, once in, you’ll see four options ‘Flow’, ‘Collections’, ‘Browse’ and ‘Cloud Search’. These will be blank until you connect up at least one of your three profiles.
Octonius 2
Now, when you visit the ‘Flow’ tab, you’ll see a stream of files ordered chronologically – this basically keeps you posted on the latest changes to any file. A left swipe pulls up four options – ‘Add a note’ (e.g. ‘Video of xyz’) which lets you explain what a file is, ‘Add to Collection’ which lets you order all your cloud-based content into categories (e.g. ‘Videos’, ‘Photos’), ‘Scheduling’ for creating reminders and tasks, and ‘share’. Continue Reading

Summer in a Startup 2014

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BITS Pilani needs no introduction. Being recently declared as the best private engineering institute of Asia, BITS Pilani is touching new heights in the education sector. Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), E-cell of BITS Pilani is one of the most active E-cells in India with the well renowed projects like Conquest, RED and SiS under its existence.

SISSummer in a Starup is an initiative of The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS Pilani and powered by BITSAA, SiS aims to give the students at BITS Pilani the opportunity to intern at a startup over the summer. In 2014, CEL is proud to present the 6th edition of SiS.

SiS is the first of it’s kind project and has also inspired many other institutions to take up as a part of their internship programme.

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